Cancellation of Club Events and an Isolation Quiz!

Bruce Skaggs productively engaged under the Florida Stay At Home order

On March 18, club president, Jim Wilson, notified club members that all SBCC events were cancelled until further notice. In view of the deadly nature of the COVID-19 crisis, the same action has been taken by every other responsible organization across the USA. As it happens, car club members have considerable experience practicing social distancing. How many times has a car owner/enthusiast told his or her spouse that they were “…going out to the garage to work on the car; see you in time for dinner?” The governor’s current stay-at-home order has meant even more club members are confined, not entirely unwillingly, to projects in their garages during the current crisis.

Exercising the maxim that there is always something that can be improved on our LBC’s, given the availability of time, frequent contributor to this column, Bruce Skaggs, sent along the above photo from self-isolation in his garage. 

Pop Quiz: Looking at the photo, what task do you think Bruce is completing on the to-do list for his 1980 Triumph TR-8?

  1. Extricating the neighbor’s cat, “Fluffy,” from the fan belt;
  2. Completing the Florida annual spring chore of changing the air conditioning filter before the hot weather arrives;
  3. Installing new valve cover gaskets; or
  4. Tuning the flux capacitor to ensure a smoother passage through the space-time continuum.

There are no prizes for the correct answer, or any answer for that matter.

For measurement-challenged Floridians, remember that the recommended social distancing of 6 feet is about the length of one alligator. Stay safe.

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