Drive Your British Car Week

After nice drives along the SunCoast, SBCC members meet to celebrate the occasion at TJ Carney’s in Venice, FL.

British Car Week is an annual awareness event intended for owners of British Cars to get them out of the garage and on the road to be seen. The purpose is to help create awareness of the classic British car-collecting hobby in local communities, particularly where there are groups of like-minded individuals, such as the Suncoast British Car Club. And, like other clubs, we also include newer models of the legendary marques of the British motor car industry in the club. The official start date of the week world-wide is May 27, but we upped it a day in order to include a few of our snowbird members who were heading north that weekend. 

Our club’s celebratory activity for this occasion was to meet at TJ Carney’s Restaurant, located in the heart of downtown Venice Island. Those for whom it was convenient, met at a central location and caravanned to Carney’s. Others drove their LBC’s directly to the restaurant.

It was a great day to be out and about showing off your British car.

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