Brookdale Senior Living Center Car Show 2018

On June 16, 2018, nine members of the club joined with the Antique Automobile Club of America to put on a car show for the residents at the Brookdale Palmer Ranch Senior Living Center in Sarasota. The club has a tradition of co-sponsoring these occasional events over the past years. We believe they bring some variety into the lives of senior citizens who now don’t get out as much as they used to. And many of the residents have their own car stories to share with the participants.

Brookdale provided a lunch of cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Popcorn, ice cream and assorted drinks were also available. A good time was had by all!

Photos by Joe Malaney.

Linger Lodge Drive-To 2018

On May 6, 2018, the club had a destination lunch at the Linger Lodge near Bradenton, FL. Jim and Debbie Wilson led a caravan of 9 cars from our most frequent jumping-off spot at the Fruitville Texaco station on a two-hour drive over back roads through the Florida countryside. Other members joined the group at the restaurant.

To quote from the Linger Lodge website: “Remember when people had the time to linger? Reminiscent of days gone by, Linger Lodge is the perfect place to recapture those lazy, carefree times. Large, live oak trees dripping in Spanish moss shelter the restaurant and campground. This is “Old Florida” at its best. Located in Bradenton, on the picturesque banks of the Braden River, Linger Lodge is untouched by time.” named it as one of the “Most Unusual Restaurants in the World” and NBC’s Al Roker called it one of the “Top 5 Weirdest Restaurants in America.”

Since those “awards” were bestowed, the Linger Lodge has lately been completely remodeled. Gone are most of the stuffed serpents and flea-bitten varmints that used to lurk over your shoulder as you ate your meal. The menagerie has been scaled back in number or put in glass display cabinets. Although the restaurant might no longer be on the weirdest list, the menu still offers varied Florida favorites and the food is excellent. All members enjoyed the experience.

Photos by the author. 

Venice Car Shows, Spring 2018

Springtime in Florida brings the inescapable yellow dusting of pollen from live oaks and palms along with a plethora of car shows. Club members recently participated in two such events in the Venice area.

On April 28, Kimal Lumber’s 16th Annual “Building to a Cure “ Classic Car Show took place at Venice High School. This has traditionally been a very popular show (and successful fund-raiser) and the 221 cars and trucks present this year continued that trend. Club members attending included Jack & Karen Knuese with their ’69 Lotus Elan, Monroe Kokin with his ’72 TR6, Bill Borden with his newly acquired ’80 TR8, John & Joan Magine’s ’57 MGA, Wyatt Rinker’s ‘81 DeLorean and Kathleen Cook’s ‘73 Alfa Romeo.

On May 5, the AACA held their “Cruising through the Past” Car Show at Historic Spanish Point in Osprey. Both the Knueses and the Magines also attended this event. Jack reported that there were about 75 cars in the show. The museum grounds, with parking on the lawn surrounded by large shady oaks, was a considerably more pleasant venue than the Venice High parking lot.

In both events, competition was determined by ten-year classes, which provided some interesting comparisons for the judges. At Spanish Point, the Magines won First in Class (1950’s Decade) with their MGA 1500.

Photos by the author and Jack Knuese.

Pensacola Car Show 2018

Club President Jim (and Debbie) Wilson, along with Bruce and Carolyn Skaggs, represented the club at the Panhandle British Car Association’s 26th Annual British Car Show in Pensacola, FL, April 20-21, 2018.

The weekend started off with a spectacular potluck dinner put on by the local club at the Museum of Commerce in downtown Pensacola. The museum is a replica of early Pensacola. Main Street was recreated with period storefronts, and even a streetcar, just as it was in 1888. The host club warmly welcomed the visitors at the dinner and show.

The show itself was in Seville Square, a beautiful oak-shaded park only a block from the Gulf of Mexico. There were 140 cars, including some newer model Jags and MINI’s. There were some very spectacular cars present. For example, when did you last see 12 XKE Jags in one place? Also, 15 MG TDs and several MGA’s. In attendance were 17 members of the Skaggs’ British car club in Louisville, a real rowdy but fun group. Jim reported meeting many wonderful and interesting fellow British Car owners at the event. A wedding was taking at the church across the street from the park and the bride asked to have her picture taken in a very nice TR3. Accordingly, the whole wedding party came over while pictures were being taken.

Jim and Debbie garnered a third place trophy for their 1973 TR6 while Bruce and Carolyn took first in class with their Jaguar XK8. In sum, this was a memorable event, in a beautiful location, with great people and a large car count from all over the southeast. Jim definitely plans to attend next year and hopes more members from the club will join them in the excursion.

Notes for this story were provided by Jim Wilson; photos from Jim and Bruce Skaggs.

Poker Run 2018

For a long time now, the Poker Run has been a staple on the club’s spring calendar. Having “won” this event last year, Jack Hartley had the honor of organizing this year’s version, which was held on March 24. Jack drew upon the dual themes of parks and local history in the Venice and surrounding area for each of his clues. The stops that contributed to filling out the poker hand were the old Hotel Venice, the Venice Train Station, the Shamrock Park and Nature Center, Indian Mound Park, Jelks Preserve and the Venice Myakka River Park. Although the routing directions were straight forward, the fact that Venice and Englewood had downtown markets with road closures on that day provided some additional driving challenges. But it was an interesting and educational tour. Eight cars competed in the 55 mile Run which ended at Mama Leone’s Restaurant in Nokomis. Several other club members joined us there for the late lunch.

A poker hand with a pair of kings was enough for this year’s winners – Alex Huppe and Jeryl Schriever. They received the “silver” travelling trophy, a home decorator’s dream, which they can proudly display until next year’s event. In addition they received a SBCC logo polo shirt and the exclusive right to host Poker Run 2019! Russ Lukens had the second best hand and received a roll of microfiber towels and spray wax. Bruce Skaggs won third place and also collected a roll of microfiber towels and some car air freshener.

Photos by the author and Bruce Skaggs.