June Wilson at 100

The honoree, proudly displaying one of her gifts to mark this special occasion. It’s a fan scallop seashell with June’s high school graduation photo transferred to the interior (after the scallop was reluctantly removed). The artistic handiwork was fashioned by member, Irene Corbino. [Note; the light reflection makes the photo appear to be partly smudged. That’s not the case.]

June Wilson is club VP Jim Wilson’s mother, and last year we saluted her on her 99th birthday with a drive-by of her housing development by club member cars. At the time, we marked our calendars to return the next year. And, on the occasion of her 100th birthday, this June 24, we had the honor and pleasure to repeat our horn-tooting celebratory parade through June’s neighborhood. After two circuits, we ended at the housing association’s clubhouse to join her family for refreshments and the opportunity to extend our best wishes personally. 

As last year, the SBCC was joined by our partnering club, the AACA. Thirty-five members and 18 cars took part in this momentous tribute. Very personable, and with a vivacity that belied her years, Ms. Wilson clearly enjoyed HER day! We are looking forward to number 101 next year!

Photos by the author.

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