Devereaux-Kaiser Collector Car Show 2023

The idea and principles of the original organizers of the car show that still bears their names are carried on by family and friends.

Held at the Sarasota County Fairgrounds (as last year) on April 30, 2023. The show had allotted 300 registrations, and all were used. A weather front with heavy rain passed through the area the night before, but fortunately by opening time, the rain had moved on to the east. As a result, we had a beautiful, partly sunny day in the high 70’s, although very windy. Rallying at a nearby landmark prior, the Suncoast British Car Club was able to enter and park as a group. We had 10-12 cars present.

This was somewhere around the 52nd edition of this long-running and very popular event. The first show was held in 1970, in the front yard of Maurice Devereaux. There were seven classic cars present. After the event became so popular, it was held in a variety of venues around the Sarasota area. Participation in some years was reportedly in excess of 2000 cars, with thousands of spectators. The event is for cars 25 years or older and there is no registration fee. Nor judging or awards, for that matter. The founders’ original motto remains, Show up and Show off!!

It is currently organized by the Sunshine Region AACA, with spectator entry fees donated to the Sarasota Fire Fighters Benevolent Fund. 

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