A Return to Normal

On April 10, at Twin Lakes County Park in Sarasota, members dig into their box lunches prior to the first club meeting of 2021.

As the number of vaccinated Americans increases, the pandemic’s death grip on the US population is disappearing. However, after such a long disruption, much of the country is going forward under a so-called “new normal.” Not so with the SBCC! We are happy to just be able to return to the old normal, with monthly club meetings held in the familiar surroundings of the Red Lobster, a tradition now approaching some 20 years. After over a year’s absence from any meetings at all, our first two gatherings were significant events.

We began with a “transitional” outdoor meeting April 10th at Twin Lakes County Park in Sarasota. A Pavilion was reserved for noontime and, as a bonus for attendees, the club provided a box lunch with made-to-order sandwiches from a local sub shop. Yes, there is such a thing as a free lunch! Debbie Wilson’s superb organizational skills were again on display as she coordinated the fifty plus orders without an error or misguided mustard packet.

As befitting the first monthly meeting of 2021, it was led by our new President, Walt Mainberger. Walt was one of the founding members of the club back in 1993. President-for-life, Jim Wilson, has now stepped down to apparently be Vice President-for-life and Debbie has taken over the Treasurer duties.

And finally, on May 12th, we returned to the Red Lobster. There were some 30 members in attendance, which is a good figure considering the absence of the snowbirds who have migrated back north, and a few members who are still cautious about indoor dining. Needless to say, the Red Lobster crew (staff, not the ones in the tank) were very happy to see us back.

Thanks to Anita Wood and Bruce Skaggs for input.

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