Wheel Base Garage Condos Car Show

Members of the Suncoast British Car Club responded to the car show invitation for the Grand Opening of Wheel Base Premium Garage Condos by bringing 13 excellent examples of bygone British automotive craftsmanship.

On October 30, 2020, the club was invited to display our cars at the grand opening of Wheel Base Premium Garage Condos. The garage condo complex offers car collectors a secure location in which to store and work on their rolling assets. There are 46 units in a wide range of sizes (and prices) at this facility. The grand opening featured food & drink, live music and several other car clubs.

While the event brought out many exotic cars from the area, as so often happens at these shows, our contingent of classic LBC’s captured the largest share of interest for attendees.  We had three Jaguars, two Triumph TR3’s, one Triumph TR6, one MGA, one MG Midget, two Morgans, one Austin Healy, one Jensen Healy and a Daimler SP250.  Not only did we have a really good vehicle turnout, but we had a chance to socialize with (masked) members who have been sequestered all summer, either locally or up north. 

Wheel Base is located roughly 12 miles inland from Sarasota Bay and the Gulf. It sits at 41 feet above sea level, well outside of flood zones, and is built to withstand Cat 4 hurricanes. Each condo has a half bath and can be further customized to suit.  With the minimum addition of a bunk, refrigerator and a well-stocked bar, owners have a backup safe haven in which to ride out a hurricane with their most prized possessions. There’s also room for family members.

Thanks to Bruce Skaggs for the photo and input on club participation.

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