Turtle Beach White Elephant 2020

For January 1 on the Suncoast, in sharp contrast to the winter being experienced by those up north, it was top-down weather for the roadsters

Like sands through the hourglass, so passed another rendition of our club’s oldest annual event. As in previous years, the popular January 1st Potluck Picnic and White Elephant gift exchange was held at Turtle Beach, located at the southern terminus of Siesta Key. The food table was groaning with a variety of yummy dishes while the gift table was loaded with gaily wrapped presents ready for new owners. The weather was pleasant under a cloudless sky, helping to draw out 19 British cars and about 44 members.

This year’s gift exchange featured a number of items that presumably came from holiday merchandise shelf clearance sales at local stores. But the most sought-after gift chosen was a new electric fuel pump. It quickly went through the 3 times max trade limit before landing with its permanent owner. The cutest gift was a battery-powered toy snake that slithered all over the floor. It was a fun-filled outing and a great start for the year 2020.

Thanks to Bruce Skaggs for additional input.

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