Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) Classic Sebring 12 Hour, Pistons and Props 2019

Club member Ron McLeod (white hat) looking to add to his collection.

Jim Wilson filed the following report. 

The annual dual celebration of Sebring International Raceway’s rich auto racing history and patriotic aviation heritage returned there December 4 – 8, 2019, with an awesome lineup of historic race cars and iconic aircraft. Pistons and Props is a celebration of the 12 Hours of Sebring at historic Hendricks Field, the World War II era military and civil aviation facility on which the famous sports car race has been run for more than 65 years. The Classic Sebring 12 Hour features four full days of historic and vintage sports car racing.

Jim and two other club members traveled the 80 miles to Sebring for the fourth annual rendition of this event. Bob Tullis, the man behind “Group 44,” had his awe-inspiring P51 on display. Bob’s Group 44 raced British cars – Jaguars, the TR6 and TR8 were some of the vehicles he raced and made famous. Louis Hamilton of F1 fame uses 44 as his car number to honor this legendary British Racing Team. 

Included in the photos below is the Old Salty Dog Lotus Elan owned by the proprietor of the Old Salty Dog Restaurants in the Sarasota area. Note also a TVR, a beautiful Lotus 23, a Sebring MGB, and several Lola T 70’s.  The weather was great, a perfect day to watch these classic vehicles race. And like all vintage races we had total access to the pits, along with the bonus of the static aircraft display, for a very reasonable ticket price. Hopefully, we can get a larger group from the SBCC to go next year.

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