Poker Run 2019

Amid thunderous applause, Alex Hupe awards the coveted Poker Run trophy to the 2019 winner, Walt Mainberger

     On March 23rd we held our annual Poker Run, organized by Alex Huppe and Jeryl Schriever. The theme for this year’s event was “Garages.” The day started at Gene Cohen’s, where he is in the early stage of rebuilding from the frame up yet another one of the old Packards he keeps finding to resuscitate. The event routing then took us to three other garages where antique & classic cars (not all British) were proudly sheltered or under active restoration. The final stop was Joe Malaney’s house/garage to see his unbelievable collection of approximately 1500 model cars. We finished at Applebees where the score sheets were tallied to determine the surprise winner, followed by lunch (no surprise there). Congratulations are extended to Walt and Joanne Mainberger as the winners of the prestigious traveling trophy, and the honor of hosting next year’s Poker Run.

     Thanks to Alex and Jeryl for a well-organized, fun day. Input for this report was lifted from the works of Anita Woods and Bruce Skaggs. Photos by Joe Malaney and the author.

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