Magnuson’s Car Show

The Magnuson’s hosted a mini car show at their home on Thursday August 1, 2013.  Sever SBCC members attended along with a youth group from Gator Wilderness Camp School that came out to see the cars.  Thanks to Duane and Ellen for hosting the day!


3 comments on “Magnuson’s Car Show
  1. RBard48 says:

    Was a great event at Magnuson’s to support a very good cause. I am “honored” to have one the trophy as the boys favorite car. It is always especially nice when you top a Triumph for the “grand prize”. What a triumph it was. I have a place ready for my trophy.


    The boys from the camp voted the car they liked the best and Rob Bard’s red MGB was the winner. I offered them each a dollar a vote for my TR6 but I got no takers… Congratulations to Rob. Rob I have your trophy and will award it to you next time I see you.


    What a great event for us and the boys, hats off to the Magnuson’s for planning and hosting the show. Maybe the SBCC could make donation to the ranch. We should do this show every year, I would be glad to help with the planning.

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