Author: Fred Cook

Drive Your British Car Week

British Car Week is an annual awareness event intended for owners of British Cars to get them out of the garage and on the road to be seen. The purpose is to help create awareness of the classic British car-collecting

Devereaux-Kaiser Collector Car Show 2023

Held at the Sarasota County Fairgrounds (as last year) on April 30, 2023. The show had allotted 300 registrations, and all were used. A weather front with heavy rain passed through the area the night before, but fortunately by opening

Kimal Lumber Classic Car Show

On April 23, a half dozen members participated in the Kimal Lumber Classic Car Show at the Venice (Florida) Community Center. This annual event also serves as a fundraiser for Kimal Cares for “All Kids.” This year, over $25,000 was raised, benefitting

Gator Boys Car Show and Picnic

March 26 saw the annual Gator Boys Picnic and Car Show. Like last year, the event was held at the activity center of the Bethel Mennonite Church, just east of Sarasota. Our LBC’s were joined by some larger examples of

SBCC 2nd Annual Car Show

On March 19, 2023, the club held its second annual SBCC Car Show, again graciously hosted by Woody and Diane Schaub in the parking lot of their Rattan, Wicker & Cane Furniture Store in Venice, Florida. Enhancements over last year’s great