Author: Fred Cook

Devereaux-Kaiser Car Show

The 51st Devereaux-Kaiser Car Show took over the Sarasota County Fairgrounds on May 1st. The event is a Sarasota staple, dating back to 1970 when it reportedly originated in Devereaux’s front yard. Or was it Kaiser’s? In any case, through

Turtle Beach Picnic & White Elephant Gift Exchange

One of the club’s longest running, and most popular, events is the January 1st picnic and white elephant gift exchange, also traditionally held in the pavilion at Turtle Beach, Sarasota. Due to the pandemic, this year’s edition was deferred until April

37th Annual All British Car Show

On April 2, the Central Florida British Car Club hosted this show in Sanford, Florida. A number of SBCC members had planned to make the 155-mile trek to participate but the weather forecast for that Saturday was threatening. However, Bruce

Car Show for The Gator Wilderness Camp School

On March 27, the club was joined by the staff and student-campers of the Gator Wilderness Camp for a car show and picnic lunch, just off Fruitville Road in Sarasota. This event is a legacy of Duane and Ellen Magnuson

Hagerty Car Show at Sebring

On Saturday, February 26, six members in five cars drove the hour and a half to the Hagerty Cars and Caffeine Car Show at the legendary Sebring International Racetrack in the middle of the state. The car show added to the